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Author: Yolande Evans, Promotions AssistantViews: 338 | Comments: 0 | Date: 17 Nov 2018 15:14
www.cryptofarm.tech is a platform of virtual cloud mining.

First we start by saying what is a virtual mining:

"The virtual mining is a process of mining, that does not suffer from increased difficulty and fees payable at current expenses and/or equipment management. These expenses you have in a classic cloud mining while in this case no. "

But then our earnings where do they come from?

The company provides its own equipment, which undermine the coin REALLY for us but only contracts that we will purchase are virtual. In layman's terms is a hybrid between a virtual mining and a cloud. The company is committed to mining the coins in the "mines" more profitable in abstaining from costs listed above for offering a gain no additional costs over the long term.

How are they calculated then our earnings?

The earnings are based on the mining plan that we decide to buy. More computing power we have and more ROI (return of income) will be fast. Of course, we must also consider that the ROI is calculated as equivalent in € of currency that we decide to mine ... So with the price fluctuations of the currency that we are mining us an amount greater or less than the coin itself!

What can I mine?

Right now you can mine Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC), but it is possible that in future new crypto are added.

How much is the minimum investment and how much computing power?

The investment plans and the respective ROI and computing power you can consult them on the site section "Packages".

If you want to take a look at it you can find all the information here:

Author: Yolande Evans, Promotions AssistantViews: 2,131 | Comments: 0 | Date: 06 Jun 2014 21:22
You can now earn 4 x Credits on our SuperRewards feature just from advertiser promotions, completing surveys, or watching videos. SuperRewards will give - up to 5000 Credits for a single task - an easy way to boost your Credits balance without buying credits or spending time manually exchanging Likes etc. TIP You can unlock additional alternative offers to earn extra Credits by viewing HitsLikesTweets in your Smartphone or mobile device!
Author: Yolande Evans, Promotions AssistantViews: 1,841 | Comments: 0 | Date: 06 Jun 2014 14:28
We have just added a Credits to Cash exchange feature so you can earn cash from exchanges as well as referrals. Use your cash to buy VIP services and banner slots or withdraw cash when your balance reaches the minimum payment threshold.

You can request withdrawal when you have at least £10.00 in your account balance, and have been a registered and active member for at least 60 days.

Withdrawal is by PayPal ONLY - all withdrawals are subject to strict anti-fraud checks which can take 7-10 days to complete - payment will be refused and all balances zeroed and your account banned if found to be using automated exchange software, click bots, fake profiles, proxy servers etc.

Further cash withdrawals are only permitted if you have uploaded Proof of Payment of your initial withdrawal, thank you.
Author: Yolande Evans, Promotions AssistantViews: 1,493 | Comments: 0 | Date: 28 May 2014 16:53
Apologies for the downtime today while we balanced our servers - our website and database load had crept up on us and we needed to do an urgent fix. We have also reactivated CloudFlare functions now they appear to have resolved their major outage problems - this should smooth the load at our busiest times and improve page load times.
Author: Yolande Evans, Promotions AssistantViews: 1,740 | Comments: 0 | Date: 12 Apr 2014 14:09
Well we finally made 5 figures in membership today, and everyone's celebrating here at the HitsLikesTweets office. Congratulations to our 10,000th Member Samuel91 from The Netherlands who just got 10,000 FREE CREDITS and A MONTHS VIP MEMBERSHIP from the team as our way of marking the occasion! Have a great weekend promoting your pages Samuel
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